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I've sent three more emails since this post. The top half of the form is not the problem. The bottom half is out of alignment in the charge column and I only need the form shifted one character space to the left on the bottom half. I sent scans and a pic of the problem. Can you please get back to me? Thanks

Thank you for responding.

I printed the template, scanned it and have emailed it to you.

Please help me align the form. I have emailed multiple times with a scanned image and have left numerous messages on the message system with no response. I only need the alignment to move one character to the left so I can print 30 claims on my HP inkjet computer. I tried it on a pin feed printer and it's even worse. I realize the cost is minimal for the program download but your site says you could help with this but I still have not heard anything. 

Thanks in advance for looking at my emails and responding. Shari