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Please ignore previos. I was able to resolve myself. Thank you for your help

Yes. That is how previous version (misaligned) worked. Not version you sent me.

Please fix so it works as you say

Thank you. Alignment issue is fixed. However, you added an unwanted "feature." Field 28 (total charge) prefills with zeros if not filled. Pls test and disable to blanks if zero, as it was before. Thank you

So will you email me a new template?

Very unhelpful, robotic reply. Printed with Adobe. Needs to move two spaces to right. Tried to upload scanned image. Can't "permissions" issue. Attaching a photo

I purchased CMS-1500 Fill-in. On my pre-printed form (from Adams), purchased at Staples, everything needs to move two spaces to the right. How to adjust?