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I have not received a confirmation email on my purchase of the template cd/ hard copy.

nesha 6 лет назад обновлен 6 лет назад 3
I will be telling paypal to cancel payment if not responded to in the next 24hours.  I checked my spam folder no email. I sent email to your info@cms.com too.
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Hi Nesha, 

 I'm happy to help,
   1500cms.com email address is info@1500cms.com, Confirmation emails are send immediately after payment is made. Please provide your email address and we will make sure you receive a link for your purchase.

Thank you for choosing 1500cms.com 
We received your email and have shipped your product USPS. Your order was for our CD version of the 1500cms.com template. If you would like a direct download link we can provide this. I apologize for any confusion.

Thank you for choosing 1500cms.com
Yes, I would like a direct download link also. Thank you!

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