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where can I purchase 1500 forms for inkjet printer

eve1215 il y a 8 ans mis à jour par info il y a 8 ans 2

I can only find the 1500 forms available for laser printers. Will these work on inkjet printers as well?

Found my answer...the forms work for both!

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I'm happy to help, Yes, inkjet printers will print on HCFA 1500 forms designed for laser printers.

1500cms.com offers 2 different 1500 forms, "pre filled form" will only print the data that is entered not the entire form, this will print on the standard HCFA claim form. The "print on blank paper" template is programmed to print the entire form, this will print on blank paper and does not require the HCFA paper form (most insurance requires HCFA forms printed with a color printer).

1500cms.com templates will be saved as PDF documents that can be edited each billing cycle, no need to type the entire form again and again.

Both templates can be purchased at1500cms.com. Templates start at $24 for each template version. Save 20% and purchase both for $38. 1500cms.com/buynow.htm