Need 4 spaces for #3, date of birth, for Medicare, not 2. Any HELP!

Chuck 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2

Medicare requires 4 digits for the tear in date of birth, 2016, not just 16. Most Ins companies are fine with just the 2. Any way to make this form allow 4 digits or 2 digits? Seems like there should be an easy fix for some cms1500 forms have space for 4 digits for that very Medicare reason. Please help!


Hi Chuck,

I'm happy to help, 1500cms.com 02/12 templates include space for 4 digest. Older versions (08/05 templates) only had space for two digest.

If you have 02/12 template, and only have room for 2 digits, email info@1500cms.com with your order number for more help.

Here is my order number: 52Y84004911402250

I do have 02/12 template, it just had the " yy " and not the "xxyy" for 2016, example.

Hope that is helpful and it would be awesome to get this resolved.

The phone number at the bottom, right side, number 33, is a tad too low but I think it will suffice.

Thanks again,