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this program is not allowing me to save as. I was told by the software person on email that I had a corrupt software and to download more software. and pay again??? this has not been easy and very frustrating

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I'm happy to help, older versions of Adobe Reader including 8,9, and X will not allow users to save the template. Adobe Reader XI and DC will enable users to save each patient as a new template. 

The current version of Adobe Reader is available free at http://get.adobe.com/reader/.
Adobe Reader XI or DC (users must have the current version) 

Please note Windows XP and Vista are no longer supported. 

I downloaded the version from YOUR WEBSITE on 8-8-19 so it is the new version. 

We do not offer Adobe Reader on our website, we direct you to Adobe.com to download the latest version. 

Are you using a Mac or Windows, and what version OS?

We have a step by step procedure located at http://1500cms.com/Instructions.pdf


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