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did this form able to load data from data base server

Shehzad Mehmood 9 ár síðan updated by info 9 ár síðan 1
i want to integrate this 1500 form with our EHR system. did this form is able to get relevant data from our data base server ..or needs to be filled automatically fields from our clients data base...

is this form support ?
Under review
Hi Shehzad, 1500cms.com templates do not pull data from established databases. Each patient is entered once, enter data, Save, and Print. Each patient can be saved individually and edited as needed. 1500cms.com Templates are tested and work with Adobe Reader Version XI (11.0.10) *Mac or Windows*. Completed patient information is saved for future use.
Templates can be purchased at 1500cms.com. Templates start at $24 foreach template version. Save 20% and purchase both for $38.