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Saving your files to the cloud lets you access them from anywhere and makes it easy to recover files in the case of a hard drive failure. The instruction to cloud storage will vary depending on the cloud service that is utilized. does not have a dedicated cloud service, but our software is compatible with cloud backup providers.

 For healthcare organizations, HIPAA compliance can be a major deciding factor when selecting a cloud service provider, if your files have patient sensitive information. 

Yes, the files come in a standard Zip format, and must be decompressed before opening with Adobe Reader. Windows and Mac both have built in software to open zip folders. Open the Zip folder and then open the "1500cms 02.12 (Pre-filled)" file inside the folder. This is the file with the HCFA form, and it can be copied or moved to the desired location.

Hi Susan,
  I'm happy to help, software is tested to work with Adobe Reader Version XI and DC, (users must have the current version) get the current version free at older versions do now work well with software. 

The logo will only display on the screen but will not print, only form fields and HCFA background form will print when using Adobe ReaderMac "Preview" program, older versions of Adobe Reader and some other PDF readers will not understand the programmed templates. Always use Adobe Reader for best results.

Thank you for choosing templates allow users to Filled, Save, Print, and Edited as needed. Each new patient can be saved individually. Use with Adobe Reader for best results. Other PDF readers do not allow users to Save data. 

Templates are tested and work with both Mac and Windows using Adobe Reader Version XI and DC, (users must have the current version) get the current version free at 

Yes, users can enter all the data that does not change (tax id, contact, etc.) then save this as the"master record". New patients can be entered as needed, and saved as individual files, so only changes will need to be entered each month

The more popular way to fill HCFA 1500 forms is to printing on purchased Pre Filled forms.
The "print on blank paper" template is programmed to print the entire form, this will print on blank paper (using a color printer) and does not require the HCFA paper form (both sides must be printed).  

Thank you for choosing

Hi Nicolette,

  I'm happy to help, we can adjust the various boxes in your template to fit your print settings. Please email a scanned image of the printed HCFA form (Print Using "Actual Size") to, this will give us the information needed to adjust the template. Please include your order number.

Thank you for choosing

Hi Slava, I'm happy to help, we can adjust your template to fit your print settings. Please email a scanned image of the printed HCFA form (Print Using "Actual Size") to this will give us the information needed to adjust the template.

Thank you for choosing

One time fee, no recurring payments. user agreement allows 3-5 users at one time. If later you require more then 5 users, multiple software license can be purchased for $24 per 5 users.

Use the link below to download a trail version.

1500cms 02/12 Template $24

I'm happy to help, Yes, templates enable users to Fill, Save, and Print unlimited copies for patients as needed.

Download Trial Version Here