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Works perfectly. Thank you. CMS-1500 Template Form (Print on Blank Paper) 03/23/2013

info 6 years ago updated 2 years ago 2
info 2 years ago

Yes, users can enter all the data that does not change (tax id, contact, etc.) then save this as the"master record". New patients can be entered as needed, and saved as individual files, so only changes will need to be entered each month

The more popular way to fill HCFA 1500 forms is to printing on purchased Pre Filled forms.
The "print on blank paper" template is programmed to print the entire form, this will print on blank paper (using a color printer) and does not require the HCFA paper form (both sides must be printed).  

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form cannot be pre filled and saved

Raymond Buscemi 4 years ago updated by Daniel N'Michele Briggs 2 years ago 2
I am not able to save a pre filled form - the message clearly states that 'no data will be saved' so I need to creat a new form each month - this is NOT what was advertised

Printing not Aligning

info 6 years ago updated 2 years ago 22
info 3 years ago

Hi Slava, I'm happy to help, we can adjust your template to fit your print settings. Please email a scanned image of the printed HCFA form (Print Using "Actual Size") to info@1500cms.com. this will give us the information needed to adjust the template.

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Printing not aligned

Marimar 3 years ago 0

The upper part of the form is not align with the cms 1500 form causing it to print the data one line below the space.


Works like a charm!

Alyssa Haj 5 years ago updated by info 5 years ago 1
I have been using a site with a built in 1500 generator which worked fine until they didn't tell you how you could only print 20 a month and they only allow 1 date of service per bill. This new CMS-1500 Template allows me to save both time and money (less postage). It works perfectly and has made my job easier and more efficient. Thank you!!!!!
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The information is not printing in the correct spot on the HCFA forms.

rob 1 week ago updated 1 week ago 2

I bought a new mac and now the alignment is incorrect. It is now printing just above the correct spot. I'm using the pre-printed forms, but it isn't correct.

info 1 week ago

I’m happy to help, the print should align correctly when using Adobe Reader. 1500cms.com recommend settings (Print using Actual Size settings) see image below. Always use Adobe Reader XI or DC (users must have the current version) get the current version free at http://get.adobe.com/reader/

See step two in the instructions here.

Other PDF Readers can not read the software correctly. Do not open using Microsoft Edge or Mac Preview
Mac users: "Mac Preview" is usually the default PDF application on a Mac. (Mac Preview is not compatible because it can not read the code embedded in the 1500cms.com form)

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does flash drive have both versions?

Tim 2 months ago updated by info 2 months ago 1

when purchasing flash drive for $60, does it include both print options and can it be used on any computer?

info 2 months ago

Yes, both versions are included on the 1500cms.com Flash Drive.