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Works perfectly. Thank you. CMS-1500 Template Form (Print on Blank Paper) 03/23/2013

info 10 лет назад обновлен 6 лет назад 2
info 6 лет назад

Yes, users can enter all the data that does not change (tax id, contact, etc.) then save this as the"master record". New patients can be entered as needed, and saved as individual files, so only changes will need to be entered each month

The more popular way to fill HCFA 1500 forms is to printing on purchased Pre Filled forms.
The "print on blank paper" template is programmed to print the entire form, this will print on blank paper (using a color printer) and does not require the HCFA paper form (both sides must be printed).  

Thank you for choosing 1500cms.com

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form cannot be pre filled and saved

Raymond Buscemi 8 лет назад обновлен Daniel N'Michele Briggs 5 лет назад 2
I am not able to save a pre filled form - the message clearly states that 'no data will be saved' so I need to creat a new form each month - this is NOT what was advertised

Printing not Aligning

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info 6 месяцев назад

Please send the scanned image to info@1500cms.com


Printing not aligned

Marimar 7 лет назад 0

The upper part of the form is not align with the cms 1500 form causing it to print the data one line below the space.


great transaction, wonderful template thank you! CMS-1500 Template Form 01/24/2013

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Works like a charm!

Alyssa Haj 9 лет назад обновлен info 9 лет назад 1
I have been using a site with a built in 1500 generator which worked fine until they didn't tell you how you could only print 20 a month and they only allow 1 date of service per bill. This new CMS-1500 Template allows me to save both time and money (less postage). It works perfectly and has made my job easier and more efficient. Thank you!!!!!

Efficient, friendly and provides immediate response CMS-1500 Template Form 01/13/2013

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user 11 месяцев назад обновлен info 11 месяцев назад 0

I am unable to fill form! Screen keeps blinking.

Cristina 1 год назад 0

I purchased this program several months ago. It suddenly stopped working. I have to go back to an older filled form and when I try to fill it the screen blinks. 

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Newest version is ?

stellab2014ap 2 года назад обновлен info 2 года назад 1
info 2 года назад

HCFA 02/12

Updated form approved by NUCC in February 2012 (version 02/12)

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